Sunday, July 20, 2014

Osprey chicks

Finally!  Proof that there are two chicks in the nest at Fanshawe and Clarke Roads in London, Ontario.  We stopped by to check the nest today and found two little heads bobbing up and down, being fed their fish dinner.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Osprey update - a visit to Lois and Clarke

When we stopped by to visit (l-r) Clarke and Lois yesterday they cooperated by being close enough together for me to get them in one shot.  Lois appeared to be eating at the time.

When we took another look about an hour later she was settled down on the nest again.  We still have no proof of chicks in the nest.

Clarke, hanging out just being handsome.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Interesting variations

This time of the year you can see some really interesting looking Cardinals.  Today we had both a molting male Cardinal sitting in the Lilac tree..

.....and a juvenile male Cardinal sitting on the clothesline....

.....until he flew the coop!

The glow on photos 2 & 3 are a result of shooting through the screen on the dining room window.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A visit to the Osprey nest

Wow, it was hot and sticky today.  Enough whining though, as we spent the afternoon in an air conditioned cinema watching The Grand Seduction (great fun!) while Lois (below) sat on her chicks in the heat and ....

.......called out to Clarke who was sitting on a hydro pole across the street with a freshly caught fish.

 We stayed and watched for about 10 minutes but he still hadn't shared the meal by the time we left.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smalltown Boy Reprise 2014

In honour of family members, friends and World Pride Festival  in Toronto from June 20 - 29th please listen to this wonderful reprise of Smalltown Boy by Jimmy Somerville.

Here are the lyrics from the song first released to the world by Bronski Beat and Somerville 30 years ago:

Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy Lyrics

You leave in the morning 
With everything you own in a little black case 
Alone on the platform 
The wind and the rain 

On a sad and lonely face 
Mother will never understand 
Why you had to leave 
For the love that you need 

Will never be found at home 
Pushed around and kicked around 
Always a lonely boy 
You were the one 

That they'd talk about around town 
As they put you down 
And as hard as they would try 
They'd hurt to make you cry 

But you'd never cry to them 
Just to your soul 
No you'd never cry to them 
Just to your soul
Small Town Boy lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We dropped by to check the progress at the Osprey nest today and found the female sitting on the nest in the beating sun.  It was 35C with no shade anywhere near the nest so it's no wonder she was sitting with her beak open, doing what she could to cool.  

We're guessing the chicks have hatched but it will still be awhile before they'll be big enough for use to see them from the ground.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sitting tight on the nest

We drove to London to check on the osprey nest again today.  Lois was sitting tight, presumably on one or more eggs.  No sign of Clarke in the neighbourhood but we did see what appeared to be a juvenile Bald Eagle - no photos of the eagle.

When we stopped on our way into the city Lois was hunkered down facing west.

When we stopped by on our way back home - after a Latte at Starbucks - she was facing southeast.....

....and then popped her head up to check out the view to the northeast.

We're hoping to see evidence of chicks in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Geoff's Stratford Festival 2014 reviews

For my better half's insights on the shows on the 2014 Stratford playbill, click here.  New shows will be added to this link as Geoff reviews them.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday shots

First thing this morning I visited a friend's farm as a little birdie told me there was a family of geese being raised on the flooded corner of a field.  This is the same farm that used to be home to a Great Blue Heron rookery.  I was able to catch a quick photo before Ma, Pa and their six offspring disappeared into the trees.

While it looks quiet in this photo, the air was alive with the sound of bird calls and songs.

This afternoon we drove to London to check on the Osprey nest.  As we pulled up to take photos this Groundhog was checking out the activity on the nearby golf course.

Clarke was likely off fishing for lunch but we found Lois settled down on the nest with a House Sparrow nearby - luckily he's not a likely candidate for lunch or a snack.

And, finally, this was the last shot I took before we left to head home.  An absolute fluke, but it looks like the middle golfer is teeing off from the top of the sign :-) .

Monday, May 12, 2014

A birding visit to Long Point

The weather forecast was threatening thunderstorms today but we lucked out.  We had occasional showers while driving and a little fog off and on at Long Point Provincial Park.

We saw dozens of Yellow Warblers

Many Tree Swallows - this one was focused on nest building.

A gazillion Red-winged Blackbirds

A rather striking Eastern Kingbird

And a distant, zoomed in American Coot.

It was a great day!